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the story of don busweiler

While some of the pioneering streetwear brands from the 90s are (luckily) still alive & kicking - Stüssy, Fuct, Freshjive to name just a few - others have disappeared from the face of this planet forever. And one of them is Pervert. Now filmmaker Louis Loizou is not only giving you a fascinating insight look into the early days of streetwear culture but uncovers the unbelievable story of Pervert founder Don Busweiler. 

“In June 1995, just as his company was on the verge of major success, Don gave away everything he owned and joined (what was then) a mysterious religious cult - The Brethren or The Brothers and Sisters. Although there has been a documentary on ‘The Brethren’, my idea focuses largely on the unique sub culture which Don and his clothing label ‘Pervert’ were apart of. A culture which greatly influenced me and shaped the way I look at the world. Like Punk it was DIY, but instead of being singular – STREETWEAR looked to sample (as with HipHop) anything cool in order to create something new. Streetwear was an outward reflection of a lifestyle - a movement - a message...“

There's still 17 days to go to help finance this doc on Kickstarter. Check the extended trailer below.