In Killing We Live

Cleon Peterson and Keith Hufnagel know each other for a quarter century and organically came together for the “In Killing We Live” capsule collection. 

.. I think we met in 1991 in New York. My brother, Leigh Peterson, and I were over there skating and met up with Keith and Keenan [Milton] and cruised around the city for a few days skating a bunch of spots. This was a long time ago before everyone knew them.

Cleon is known for portraying chaos and violence to symbolize the overarching power struggle of contemporary society in his distinctive monochromatic way.

“In Killing We Live” was originally a painting. It has a pattern-like quality and is a reflection of the times we live in, a comment on our world, the wars we’re involved in, and the impulse we have to destroy. This is stuff we’re all implicit in.

Read the full interview with Dave Carnie here and enjoy the accompanying clip, which was filmed and edited by Tobin Yelland!