covid's back & art's off-roading

We've been stuck and straddled in no man's land, with only commercial businesses & capitalism helping us through the COVID winter blues. No matter! - STATE Studio has tied its shoelaces and geared Berlin's science-art aficionados for an artistic experience beyond the confines of the art gallery.

They've designed field explorations that are made to take the curious mind out into the city. Together with a team of top-notch brainiac artists from their exhibition HYPERTOPIA, they've laid out points in the city so you can wander into the open and discover how exactly these artists understand our world.

Check it out here!


HYPERTOPIA is a unique exhibition oscillating between past, future, and present. From biotech, to microbiotic-human symbiosis, and AI lasers, HYPERTOPIA exhibits some of the foremost minds breaking the barriers of art, science and technology to help us all envision what the world could be.