Iguana Death Cult

Bright Lights

It’s no secret that the Dutch music scene is shamefully underrated, as it steadily gets blissfully ignored by the international press. But maybe that’s what you get when you release something like Gabber to the public, ha!

Anyway, Holland seems to be a particularly good breeding ground for garage rock informed bands - and the latest addition goes by the great name of Iguana Death Cult, a rad quintet hailing from Rotterdam that never shied away from integrating genres like psych, new wave, post punk and even a hint of krautrock into the mix.
Their second album “Nude Casino“ will be out on October 25 via Innovative Leisure, and today they’re releasing a first teaser with “Bright Lights“.

"Bright Lights is mostly about old habits and new perspectives. I felt like I was stuck in a bad routine for a long time and I kind of got tired of the way I was living. Tired of being down all the time. Tired of being tired all the time. Things that seemed exciting and romantic in the past got boring and I felt the urge to find a way to not escape, but embrace life." - Jeroen Reek, singer of Iguana Death Cult

If you’re into stuff like B-Boys, Dirty Fences, Bass Drum of Death or Tijuana Panthers, than these guys will be right up your alley as well.