IL GAZZETTINO-Ode to the Kiosk

on april 21

Date: Thursday, 21. April 2022

Time: 3-9 PM

Venue: Il Gazzettino, Via Garibaldi, Venice, Italy

On occasion of the 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, a small kiosk will be transformed for one afternoon only, into a discursive platform for indie magazines and artist publications from around the world.

Located right between the two main exhibition venues - the Giardini and the Arsenale - the newsstand "Il Gazzettino“ on the lively Via Garibaldi will become a highlight and temporary meeting place for the visitors of the preview days in Venice. Here, people from the global world of arts will come together with the local community in an informal and inviting setting to meet, discuss, exchange and connect.

The project is a celebration of self-published printed matter and an ode to the urban typology of the kiosk as a democratic space for the dispensation of knowledge and information. The barrier- free pop-up event organized by Studio Lukas Feireiss & Friends is open to all and everyone from 3-9 PM on Thursday, 21. April 2022.

Gazette (noun): official journal or newspaper. The term is a lean word that persists in numerous modern languages. It is from Italian gazzetta, which originally referred to a Venetian news-sheet first published in the 16th century


Program of events:

3:00 PM Studio Lukas Feireiss & Friends: Welcome
3:30 PM Alexander Gutzmer (Euroboden): Publish and build.
Why creating content is part of architectural culture
4:00 PM THE FAIREST - TEASER 04 no playable character
4:30 PM Owned by Others, Lutz Henke, Anna-Sophie Springer & Raul Walch (eds.): A Map to
Possession Island (K-Verlag)
5:00 PM The Wa: 48 Portraits
5:30 PM The Meme Kit: Cem A. in collaboration with the Meme Studies Research Network
6:00 PM Nuda: Ego Release
6:30 PM This is Badland Issue #05 Aperitivo
7:00 PM Nova Express
7:30 PM Arts of the Working Class No. 20: Over My Dead Body
8:00 PM Guerilla Project Venice - A short rendition by BREAUX
8:30 PM Parasite 2.0: copy-paste
9:00 PM Closure