This past summer, SUPRA took a month-long trip throughout the United Kingdom to post up with the locals, skate street, and do some demos while also taking in the sights and culture. Dubbed their UK Residency, the SUPRA Team traveled up and down the UK with stops in Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, and London with many pitstops along the way.

Penny, Lizard, Ellington, Muska, Furby, Lucien Clark, Boo Johnson, Neen Williams, Javier Sarmiento, Dee Ostrander, Jim Greco, Kevin Romar, Nick Tucker, Oscar Candon, Spencer Hamilton & Stevie Williams - Everyone put it down. 

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

While taking up residency, the SUPRA team was scheduled to stop in London for 9 days. With a demo scheduled at Hackney Wick’s famous Frontside Gardens DIY initiative, the opportunity was right there to give something back to London’s local skateboarding community thanks to the founder of Frontside Gardens, Andy Willis and Chad Muska.