Jacolby Satterwhite

How Lovely Is Me Being As I Am

With his first show at OH-WOW- on view until December 20, 2014- Jacolby Satterwhite presents a narrative series of two-dimensional images, alongside sculpture and video. His psyche serves as the main conduit for constructing his message; his revisions of media, both with new forms and traditional modes, edify the definition of medium.

Satterwhite’s exhibition serves as a re-exploration of histories, a compound of various art practices, and a queer rendition of phenomenology. He examines and reifies the tension created between intent and interpretation. If minimalist works move to negate their author, the maximum use of visual language in How Lovely Is Me Being As I Am reaches to the other end of the spectrum, beyond the author, presenting a universal expression.

937 N. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069