Jane Weaver

this week in Germany

From the very beginning of her career, Jane Weaver prooved that she isn't too interested in marching to the sonic limitations usually connected to the singer/songwriter genre. Still her latest album “Modern Kosmology“ (released last May via Fire Records) took many by surprise, as it was heavily embracing the realms of krautrock and space rock to stunning results. Or as others put it more elaborately: “Modern Kosmology is the result of a scientist of popular song gone rogue. Here we find a model student of second-hand Kraut-rock, female punk, hard-subbed new-wave, synthesiser skip-finds and unpronounceable worldly feminine pop who’s finally reached her eureka moment.“

Ms. Weaver will finally hit German stages again this week - Offenbach (Thursday), Berlin (Friday) and Leipzig (Saturday) - and you'd be a fool to miss that.