Jonathan Leder

a study in fetishisms vol. 2

Earlier this year, acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Leder introduced the first volume of a new publication by the name of “A Study In Fetishisms“ to the public - a quintessential alternative draft to the overall glossy and high luster image the majority of contemporary media places on femininity, which took inspiration from the under-the-counter nudie zines of the 1950s. Now, he's back with the second volume, which will be officially released next week - make sure you'll reserve your copy over here.

“A Study in Fetishisms“ is a thought provoking, erotic publication. The second volume embodies the idea of 'Blondes' - from dirty to platinum. It is a tribute to the spirit of America, its fascinations with life, glamor, beauty and tragedy, and to the women that made, and continue to make, it possible.

A bi-annual collectible, Volumes 1 & 2 are featured at the PS1 MOMA / MOCA book fairs. 

“Volume 2“ is a 5.5 x 8.5" - 64 Page booklet printed on 80lb dull coated paper, with the best printing possible. Starring Kayslee Collins, Molly Constable, Lindsay Jones, Amy Hood and other lovely ladies.