rising tension and mystery of allurement

Just when you thought you know all the cool stuff that’s going on in Berlin, that’s, of course, the moment when you catch a left hook, out of the blue, and drop to your knees dumbfounded. And boy done JYLDA hit us hard. To date, we only received her latest single, a track called The Body, but we’re sold on her already! The song is like a classy, top-shelf, auteur movie. For some reason, Lost Highway comes to mind, or maybe Blue Velvet. Either way, it definitely feels like a Lynchian affair. For your reading pleasure only, we caught up with this stunning songstress for a quick q&a. Before diving in, we suggest pressing play and activating the repeat function. (Appologies for being sneaky, but had to throw in some screenshots from the upcoming video directed by David Vajda.) 

Are you by any chance a David Lynch fan? For some reason, listening to “The Body” made me think of his movies and Drive. 

Yes. I can relate very well to the way Lynch interfuses darkness, sweetness, irony in this strange dream world. In this song in particular, I wanted to capture the two sides of allurement - the greedy and the naive - and the mystery around it…

So what’s your favourite Lynch move? 

Wild at Heart.

Is there a full LP in the works? It would be great to be able to immerse yourself in this syrupy sound for hours. 

Yeah, that’s the plan! I’ve been writing a lot over the last months. It’s all still very secret of course. 

Speaking of syrup, the song has this codeine undertone. As if the world was melting in slow motion. Do you remember how you felt when you wrote this song? 

I remember feeling in a kind of a state of trance…it was 2 am. I’m an early bird and I usually like writing in the morning and during the day. But for this one - as cliché as it might be - I actually got the idea for the lyrics in bed, got up and immediately recorded a melody for it. My eyes may have been half closed the whole time…

I saw that you’ll be a series of live shows soon. What’s the live JYLDA experience and how is it different from studio expression?

When I record, I like to keep the vocals kind of soft and intimate, but live I have to give my full energy. I’m a passionate dancer and really enjoy moving on stage. That’s where I feel the most powerful. In the studio it’s more about the nuances and I’m somehow more vulnerable because I’m basically singing directly into the listener’s ear. I can’t live without either. 

video update: