Kid Acne x DJINN's

fur, feathers, scales

Today Kid Acne and DJINN’S are releasing a capsule collection for the urban activist, consisting of the chosen tools: Skate-Deck, T-Shirt, Sneaker & two different caps.

The UK based artist, illustrator and MC Kid Acne was raised on painting graffiti, realizing fanzines and releasing DIY punk/hip-hop records. Besides collaborations for leading brands such as Kenzo his work can be seen in galleries, murals or intricate wheat-pastes across the planet like in Azerbaijan, Beijing, Miami or São Paulo.

Let’s let Kid Acne take over the Mic to tell us more details about the design:
For the past 10 years or more, my artwork has largely revolved around a series of enigmatic female warriors, known as Stabby Women. My original intention was to present an alternative to the existing pop-culture references I saw in Street Art and Graffiti and create my own world of characters as oppose to sampling from existing cartoons and comics. Initially, I painted these characters on abandoned buildings as if they were ghosts, coming back to haunt or protect forgotten places. Over time, this evolved into my illustration work and as I became more interested in Fantasy Art, world mythology and alternate history, I began building ideas for their belief system, architecture, rituals and so on. Over the years I have wheat-pasted hundreds of Stabby Women in cities across the world. For me, they still present an alternative, hiding in doorways and on boarded up shops amongst the hustle and bustle. 

Many of the Stabby Women wear animal inspired costumes and headdresses, I imagine them as a shaman or the anthropos from an unknown matriarch society. 

For my collaboration with Djinn's I have taken repeated elements from the Stabby Women's costumes, such as fur, feathers, scales and hair to create patterns and textures, which I thought would work successfully for the products. I've really enjoyed the collaboration, especially as we've stripped everything back to raw, black and white line work. I think it's a strong look.

fotos by Shoetown50