Live fast, die young

Renowned artist and skateboarder French’s passion for drawing has been documented and sought after worldwide. French has an extremely recognisable style of drawing and although a steady hand is needed to perfect these skills, his knowledge of the history of darkness, war and terror are essentially what make up the striking attitude of his work on record sleeves and skateboards.

French has gone about his career by carving his own path and sticking to his unique style which has secured himself a place in the skateboard artist wall of fame, so it only made sense for KR3W and French to team up and release a capsule collection as part of their rights refused campaign.

The collection itself features a cap, a t-shirt and a long sleeve all featuring French’s rendition of Death as well as the motto ‘Fast life, Slow Death’ - KR3W’s take on the classic ‘Live fast, die young’ saying.

Available now at Slam City Skates