Laax Open 2018

Halfpipe Finals

Heavy snowfall mixed with strong wind made it impossible to run a safe slopestyle final competition so this can was kicked in favor of some good ol' powder sessions, which put big smiles on riders’ faces.

It snowed all night and it looked critical for the Halfpipe finals, but the sky opened up today and the shapers did the best to do a good job on the walls of the beast, which is actually the prototype for the Olympic Halfpipe in South Korea.

The Finals once again delivered all the goods. The tension was kept high until the very last rider. Iouri Podladtchikov for mens and Liu Jiayu for the womens scored a first place and took some loot back home. Congratulations!

Results Halfpipe Finals Women
1.    Jiayu Liu/CHN, 96.25
2.    Xuetong Cai/CHN, 83.75
3.    Queralt Castellet/ESP, 81.75

Results Halfpipe Finals Men
1.    Iouri Podladtchikov/SUI, 90,50
2.    Yuto Totsuka/JPN, 88,25
3.    Yiwei Zhang/CHN, 87,00

You can watch the whole session as a replay on