THE NIGHT at Vollreinigung

For his exhibition at Raum Vollreinigung Lars Rosenbohm will create a wallcollage made from already existing paperworks. The drawings and paintings which will be hung kind of raw with nails are partially covered by paper shavings, other oddments and empty paper sheets. Most of the works are a reference to skulls. Sometimes pictured scary like a mask, sometimes aggressive, but also with a wink, they become a bigger group, looking at us. 

The mask as an instrument of hiding and (not) showing is a recurring subject in the oeuvre of Lars Rosenbohm.Collages which are often assembled from older works point to the artistic performance itself.

Lars Rosenbohm’s painting is characterized by powerful brush strokes and vehement overpainting. Instead of faces, however, the portraits show distorted grimaces.The artist seems to have captured the constant struggle between instinctive needs and a controlling authority on paper.


Opening: Friday, 3rd of November at 8pm

Open: Saturday, 4th of November, 2pm to 5pm

Raum Vollreinigung - Wassertorstraße 65 - Berlin Kreuzberg