LDWN Podcast 01

Alex Flach / Civilist

Wowee, it's another podcast! Welcome to the very first episode of Lodown Magazine’s very own program “The Lodown Chronicles - Meet Your Maker“ - a new series that puts the well-deserved spotlight on people that essentially helped to shape the ever-evolving pop cultural universe as we know it. In true Lodown-fashion, the illustrious circle of international guests won’t be put together from one specific spectrum only but is assembled from the many pieces the bigger picture is manufactured from: contemporary art, skateboarding, music, fashion, film, graphic design, illustration - and everything in-between.

Podcast 01 sees an in-depth conversation between the magazine’s editor in chief Forty and ALEX FLACH aka FOLEY - a Berlin-Urgestein if there ever was one - who’s helping to keep the retail landscape of Germany’s capital more diverse and the city’s skateboarding scene more relevant since over a decade already, as the creative mind behind the wildly popular store CIVILIST. Enjoy.

The first episode is available on Spotify and via Soundcloud .

Shout out BIG time to Felix Schmidt and Tobias Lienig for their enthusiasm and supporting us with their technical finesse.