LDWN Podcast 04


From DJ to frontman, from clubland to playing the big festies as a bandleader. The latest episode of Lodown’s podcast series “Meet Your Maker“ sees an in-depth conversation between Lodown’s editor in chief and acclaimed producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and all around rad guy Fink - well, in actuality it feels more like an impressive, long monologue by Mr. Fin Greenall. Guess that’s what you get when you invite a walking-talking encyclopedia of anything pop culture to the studio for having a lil’ chit-chat.

Hooking up with the Berlin-based artist was a no-brainer, really, since both parties basically know each other since what feels like an eternity... since that time when Fink was still touring the world as a DJ for Ninja Tune and just released the label anthem “We Are Ninja“.

The talk happened at the LDWN headquarter in mid November 2020.