LDWN Podcast 07

Steffen Grap

The latest episode of Lodown’s podcast series “The Lodown Chronicles - Meet Your Maker“ sees a laid-back conversation between Marcus Ludwig, Forty and Berlin-based son of a gun Steffen Grap.

Grap might be many different things at the very same time - a gifted dude behind and in front of the camera, a passionate skateboarder, an avid observer of the latest trends in streetwear-land, an indispensable creative force for Germany’s capital and beyond, an ardent supporter of basically anything pop culture, an artist with a new found love for ink, a true renaissance man - but above all he’s just a super nice guy and overall rad guy. We’ve hooked up with him in early June to learn more about his roots, the current status quo and future projects.

This podcast series is friendly supported by Sennheiser.