Leonn Ward


After featuring Leonn Ward's Tongue Twister campaign, we were intrigued to hear more about her work..

. You seem to be a pretty diverse visual artist, yet have a distinctive visual aesthetic throughout all of your work.. Do you have a favourite subject area and medium to work in?

First of all thank you! Its hard to pick a favourite, one month i will love working on my films and the next ill get back into photos. I think it'll always be like that too. 

. There is a realism in your aesthetic, and it seems the people you shoot often aren’t fashion models. Do you prefer to shoot with regular people? If so then why, and what do you think shooting real people brings to the table in the world of fashion photography? 

Casting is everything to me. It really matters who I'm shooting and the more connection I have with the person, no doubt the stronger the image will be. I tend to chat to them, and make them feel as comfortable as possible especially if they're street cast and have never modelled before. I think that's why I love mixing streetcast into my work so much, theres no better feeling when you see these kids not having a lot of confidence and they have no idea why I've even picked them to be in the shoot, and by the end of the day they're leaving feeling good about themselves. 

. What were your initial thoughts working on the Tongue Twister campaign? Any personal references?

I wanted to strip it back and bring it right back to when I remember it, in the early 2000's. I remember it was the biggest thing to have as a teenager. So I wanted to bring that energy back. I wanted it to look quite effortless, effective, not over the top, and real.

. You grew up in Dublin Ireland, yet you’ve made your professional career in London. Which other places influence and inspire you on a professional or personal level?

I love LA. I lived out there for sometime last year and thats actually where I began to get into moving image. Hoping to get back this year. Other than LA & London, my hometown in Ireland will always inspire me, its where I started and where Ill always be associated with.

. Outside of photography what’s your favourite thing to do?

Chilling out... 

. If you would be reborn as an animal, which one would you pick and why?