Licht und angst

gimme some conspiracies!

There hasn't been a better time for Julian Röder's "Licht und Angst" exhibition to begin its run.

His recent sculpture and photography exhibition peers into the origins and varied phenomenons of conspiracies that have plagued the world amongst the actual pandemic.

A "biophoton mother line radiator" lies propped up with a handy QR code lying on the bottom so that we can quickly take a look into its eBay advert set up by Röder himself.

All allude to promises of salvation and cleansing from harmful external factors.

The humor lies in the dramatic irony and the sense of superiority one has in observing witty visual commentary on uncontrollable ideologies that evidently endanger us all.

The laughter fades and solemnly, we begin to recognize the roots of racial supremacy that Röder adeptly highlights in the esoteric rituals we are quick to invalidate.

Showing now at Galerie Russi Klenner from June 20th to August 1st.