Lina Scheynius

aesthetically exhibition 02 (excerpts from the diary series)

March 14 – April 13 2014
Preview Friday March 14
7 – 9pm

MELK, Borggt 7 - 0650 Oslo

In Lina Scheynius’s work we enter an autobiographical, private photo diary. Via the images we follow what appears as Scheynius’ private life: We view her friends and lovers, follow her own intent gaze, observe her body parts and secret intimate moments. The snapshot and documentary aesthetics makes it difficult to identify where the line between life as a private matter and life as a public matter obtains, and if the images should be perceived as moments of realism or pure imagination. Aesthetically Exhibition 02 (excerpts from the diary series) transforms the exhibition space into an intimate and physical sphere. By turning the camera towards herself, Scheynius invites the viewer not only to follow her private life, but also to observe her naked body. In 02 she poses in different spaces and positions, nude and intimate. Despite the sexual denotations, the portraits challenge traditional theories of the female role as passive and objectified. By her exploration of exhibitionism and the self-portrait the photograph endorses her to re-present herself as the subject.

Through the photographic works the spectator does not only enter the gaze and private life of the artist, he or she also becomes the spectator of a photographic performance. While the artist performs her body, the performative means of the photograph perform her identity and how we read her body.

This is Scheynius’ first solo-exhibition in Scandinavia. MELK is supported by the Art Council Norway.