Lister x volcom

Collaborative Collection

“You are only as smart as your last decision and only as good as your last production”. 

Australian Artist Anthony Lister explores creativity without boundaries for the freedom of visual speech. Recently Lister created a Collaborative Collection with / for Volcom dealing with the themes of money and corruption as it relates to the modern cyber state. When asked about the symbols used within the collab, he replied: 

“Life, death, drugs, fucking, the city, being lost, respect, tragedy, strangers in the club, great tracks. SKULLS and money are like everything and nothing. Like grains of sand though the hour glass of time.”

Earlier this year he was sentenced to Community service after facing charges of vandalism by the Brisbane City Council, which was costing him $78K in lawyer fees. “..but I still have my integrity and most importantly my freedom.” 


usual approach:
“I always have a mental sketch before I begin but that's usually about it. In adventure painting it is important not to burden ones self with expectations.”

natural process:
“Yeah for sure. I’ve been mates with heaps of those mad cunts for years. When I was asked to create the collection it was super laid back- n- natural.”

correlation between Street Art & skateboarding: 
“I believe it comes down to harvesting an audacity to embrace the freedom to express ones self creatively in the public arena.”

up next:
“So much crazy shit. I got this guy making a film that's gonna expose me for what I really am. He's the guy that made that documentary "ALL THIS MAYHEM" which is a dope film about a couple of skaters that ended up making and breaking themselves like a couple of legends. That's going to take a while but yeah that and shows n jobs, travelling, life, all kinds of shit man. Swipe left.”

Quotes from the Interview By Kimberly Reynolds