episode 3: valiant hearts - the great war

Having you're heart crushed is something which usually happens when the 'one' kicks you to the curb. But now this is not the case. In this scenario, it's because Valiant Hearts; The Great War, ripped it out and fondled it. Embark on a historical point and click puzzle adventure, as you play an eclectic group of people (and one dog).

This game gives you the opportunity to have a new perspective on The Great War. You can fill the boots of a German solider, his French wife, and his father in law, or you can be an African American or even a trusty dog. It helps understanding every side of the battle. Moreover, the game’s narration contributes to the undesired empathy you’ll feel for all of them.

The game puzzles aren't particular taxing. At times I felt as though the side-scrolling pace of the comic book styled game was a little too slow: I wanted more media – more imagery and notes taken from archives that would help birth this teary saga. Yet all the sweat and the tears that leaked on my face were happy ones. All evoked by a game that very few (even the big boys) do, and for that, Valiant Hearts gratified your pointing and clicking. If only more interactive adventures evoked players emotions in such a way. Bravo, Valiant Hearts. Bravo.


Available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC.