Episode 4: OlliOlli

If you weren't smart enough to cop OlliOlli for your PS Vita on release, redemption is nigh. You can now grab the insanely fun thumb fiddler for the rest of the PlayStation family and on Steam.

Kick, push, flip, slide and spin your way to the top of the global leaderboards in Roll7’s addictive side scrolling skateboarding game. OlliOlli was a critical success when released on the Vita earlier this year and it has now been ported to PC, PS3 and PS4. Along with the console release, Roll7 have also announced a friends leaderboard so you can "GET YOUR BEEF ON!" and hit up your favourite spots to dominate.

The game rocks a huge amount of levels and tricks with mini tasks and collectables. You can then re-run the fun and complete the level on RAD MODE which must only be attempted by the gnarliest of thumb flickers. This game is truly awesome and highly addictive! The retro graphics have a great arcade aesthetic and the soundtrack gets you amped to go big on every trick.

If there is one grab you should make, its for OlliOlli. GRAB IT!