lousy livin

kicker action

"Flying is definitely one of the main reasons most of us once started to skate. Even birds could be jealous. The actual point is also to kick it with the homies, explore the environment and just enjoy. Therefore it calls for creativity and use of your imagination. This is basically what Danny Sommerfeld, Tjark Thielker and Dennis Laass did together to work on this small feature for lousy livin. Being on the road with an obstacle constantly smiling at you, naturally leads to a good mood among the crew. It kind of reminded us of the time we started to skate. Feeling free, dropping the kicker wherever we wanted and skate it in any kind of way. That is what skateboarding should be all about: Don’t try to suit everybody. If you gotta go, you gotta go."

words and photography by Friedjof Feye