Long Strange Trip

The New York Times shared this insightful mini-documentary into the cultural and legal history of LSD, telling the story of those who used it, those who banned it, and now those who are resurrecting it again for a different purpose.

During the 60s there was an epidemic spread of LSD that the USA government were not equipped to deal with. During the Vietnam War there was a massive left wing movement of peace and love, but in addition to this good politics and an iconic epoch of music, there was a far more unpredictable catalyst - LSD. And it was being promoted by Harvard professors, most notably Timothy Leary.

Sadly there were many casualties as many were unaware of the negative effects of the drug, it got banned and driven underground with such disdain by the government that scientific research didn’t even continue for nearly half a decade.

This documentary details the journey of LSD from the law books to the labs, as it makes strong a comeback, and some incredibly discoveries have been made about its potential to help treat people with mental psychosis, no matter how ironic that sounds!