figures of remembrance

The Bielefelder Kunstverein presents the first institutional solo exhibition by Luise Schröder from February 08 to April 27. »Figures of Remembrance« presents her latest multimedia installation »Die historische Front« (2013) alongside two topical groups of her work from recent years.

In her photographic works, videos, publications and art mediation projects Luise Schröder confronts the ways in which the past is instrumentalised for present day politics as well as the extrapolation of historical myths and their meaning for identities and communities. Central to her concerns is the question as to how far official commemoration is influenced by political, social and medial developments. Here, the artist is particularly interested in national cultures of remembrance, but also in global forms of commemoration, their ritual character and iconography.

She investigates both their presence in space, as memorials, and the way the media stage and communicate them. In this vein, the artist has dealt in her works with, among other things, the myth of Dresden, the world’s biggest statue of Jesus in Świebodzin (Poland), as well as the memorial »The Victory of the Red Army over Fascism« by Vincenc Makovský in Brno (Czech Republic). For Schröder, the past is not a closed book but it remains open and directly connected to the present. Through her own pictures, the artist sets up against political myths and their reproduction a critical stance on history and the culture of remembrance.