Dice Kayek’s latest film is a short movie called “White” by director Marie Schuller, the woman behind the fashion films of SHOWstudio. The London based filmmaker and the Parisian house present the last episode of their trilogy and delve into narrative and context.

«White» features Dice Kayek's Fall/Winter14 couture collection which reflects a freestanding geometry of layers, where swirls and curls follow Marie Schuller’s abstract narrative and surreal imagery, inspired by fables and tales, animals and mythical creatures. The story is disconnected from time and space. The world is dominated by ice with no signs of life except animals and two heroines who seem unaffected by their harsh surroundings. The two heroines symbolize opposite poles, death and life, good and bad. They interact and evolve in their behaviour towards each other, a relationship that starts when one girl saves the other from the consuming snow.