Mark Pritchard

the four worlds

Veteran producer Mark Pritchard released a lot of different music under different monikers on different labels for nearly three decades at this point. Still nothing could’ve prepared you for the grandeur of “Under The Sun“, which he released in 2016 under his own name via Warp.

And while he’s currently in the studio to work on the follow-up, there luckily still was enough time for him to revisit the sonic spheres he started to explore on his 2016 masterpiece. The resulting “The Four Worlds“ is an 8-track EP which doesn’t only see him establishing the concept of vocal collaborations - including tracks with Colorado’s very own Space Lady and 80s cult radio artist Gregory Whitehead - but continues the highly fruitful visual liaison with celebrated Australian artist Jonathan Zawada - culminating in a thirteen minute-long film presented in Virtual Reality, which will premiere at SXSW later this year.

In the meantime, get a first taste of the rad things to come below.

The Four Worlds / EP / Warp Records / out on March 23, 2018