luca lozano - breakbeat (in three parts)

With this latest mix for Lodown I wanted to provide something that was themed and had a little backstory as opposed to submitting yet another generic DJ mix. The Breakbeat has been a backbone for club music from day one and has been particularly important to the UK scene and therefor a huge influence on my music, split into three parts the mix spans an ever increasing tempo range and incorporates styles that include Trip Hop/Beats, Breakbeat-House/Rave and a little Old school Jungle.

As usual I prefer not to include tracklistings with my mixes, I dug these gems up, have stored them in my dungeon and guard them with battleaxes and swords....you can go dig and see if you find them too (Shazam is just cheating). The mix is by no means meant to be a definitive guide to Breakbeat music or its history, just a collection of tracks that I love dearly and hope you will too.

To give you a flavour of where I'm going with this, I can tell you the mix includes music from RJD2, DJ Krush, Liquid, Armand Van Helden, Lennie De Ice, 4Hero, Darkman and FACS. The tracks were ripped from vinyl or imported and then re-edited, screwed and chopped and put into place with Ableton Live.

I hope you enjoy! - Luca Lozano