mixtape xmas special: krossfingers


I don’t know much about the algorithms of google, but if I were responsible, I’d definetly make sure that Krossfingers pop up in the top ten search results if you type in „taste + music“. I honestly don’t know why google doesn’t. Krossfingers is an online music magazine created by Ukrainian DJs Sasha Tessio and Artem Super Ikra worth to be kept open permanently in one tab. But it’s kinda more than that - it’s a style of thinking and lifestyle, a sure shot when it comes to tasteful selections, an endless journey into rare, odd and interesting music waiting for you in company of people cultivating, digging and creating this music. The list of guest mixes on Krossfingers reads like the dream team of the the seekers and finders, the creators of extraordinary journeys. So are Sasha and Artem.

For Lodown we switched roles and we let them do a guest mix for us, the perfect xmas gift for you, our readers and listeners: a little less than an hour of a staggering good selection featuring recordings from Dimitris Petsetakis’ Endless LP, the Karaoke Band on Born Free, Hula’s Murmur LP, Power Station VA001 and some unreleased Sugai Ken stuff. We don’t know much about how good your christmas dinner is or was, but this one’s delicious!


Follow them on krossfingers.com/


and watch out for a Krossfingers european tour in summer/ autumn 2016.