New Wave Inspired Live at MTN

It took us some good amount of time and patience, some right adressed juice and a taky mishap that lead into a re-recording of the mix - evidence that even the guys of Âme are just humans too - but finally we got it.

Writing an introduction on Âme not only feels awkward, but is a somewhat abundant task, at least when we can assume that you, dear reader, didn’t end up on this page by accident.

To make it short, Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have pretty much achieved everything you can achieve in dance music since they first started making tracks in 2001. Now, 17 years later, they’re on the top of the list as producers, sought after live acts (Frank Wiedemann) and globe-trotting DJs (Kristian Beyer) and as primary partners of the Innervisions label/collective with Dixon, the pair continue to foster the future of house with carefully selected releases, all-encompassing live events, and even their own boutique shop that solidifies the connection between the artists and their admirers.

And after uncountable productions and remixes, hits and limit pushers there might be just one thing that’s missing yet. When being asked about their long awaited album, they simply answered „There’s no official announcement yet, but yeah, you can speculate about it if you like.“. Can't help, but it sounds a bit promising, doesn't it? Ok, we keep our fingers crossed and until then there’s an art film by Gerald van der Kaap named Beyond Index with music by Âme and, well, this mix.







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