monday mixtape: 1954

empty room

Ivan Arlaud alias 1954 is a young musician from Lyon, France and relatively blank page - until now. This may change with the release of his debut album ‘A Part Of Me‘ on Project: Mooncircle that hits the streets this friday, an immersive journey between nostalgic and synthetic sounds, melancholia and hope, fears and confidence that describes all the bright, warm, cold and dark moments of his restless imagination in rhythms without being intrusive as he tries to synthesize everything in one and unique entity. His approach of dealing with vocal samples is to enlarge and to complicate the musical space. Vocals are becoming atmospheric, rhythmic, or like a  simple melody.

Listening to the mix he did for Lodown, you’ll get a glimpse of what inspired and feeds him, giving somewhat of an idea of where his debut is going.



Tracklist : 

01 Nebulo - Asht 

02 Lapalux - Displacer

03 Nosaj Thing - A

04 Slugabed - Leviating Over My Own Useless Body 

05 Moderat - Porc n°2

06 Telefon Tel Aviv - I Made A Tree On A World

07 1954 - To Die For 

08 Taylor McFerrin - Blind Aesthetics

09 Lorn - Conduit 

10 Gold Panda - Same Dream China

11 Maribou State - Wallflower 

12 Clark - The Pinning Pt 1

13 Klaus - Tusk 

14 Vessels - As You Are

15 1954 - Pleiade

16 Chrome Sparks - Miss You (feat Steffaloo)

17 Downliners Sekt - Hors phase 


check the album teaser