Monday Mixtape

Thunder Tillman

Listening to music can be a very profound experience, it can be life-saving, life-changing, it can simply be the most important thing of your daily routine as it evokes a whole palette of emotions and images that will easily prove that reality isn’t necessarily a fixed thing as you get carried away into a lot of areas that are by far more interesting and pleasant and valid than the one you just broke away from up to the point where everything was love, and most certainly will be love. It’s these anti-rational, yet highly-efficient spheres usually only entered via potential in-depth experiences with ancient substances, radical yet padded milestones of natural highs usually gained through sitting in the lotus position for a week straight. Or it could hit you via listening to the wonderfully estranged, transcendent and overall sweet sounds of Thunder Tillman.

Thunder Tillman - a Swedish duo living on top of Hypno Mountain which consists of Mr. Tillman himself and his lifecoach Pony - adds an essential (over)dose of free-floating attitude and psych-informed otherworldliness to today’s dance music. They recently completed the Night School of Universal Wisdom with distinction and they’re one of the few chosen ones who know about the exact location of your soul. Their musical oeuvre - which so far includes eight tracks split on two EPs for the mighty ESP Institute - is a consciously slow-burning one, there is no hurry as it is so much more important for the output to be a fully-accomplished one in order to give you the full aural third-eye experience.

All chakras aligned: to celebrate the release of their second EP, the duo left the spiritual world for a few hours in order to deliver a massive, overall rad and most definitely healing entry to our Monday Mixtape series. Namaste.

Oh, and don't forget to check out their latest vid over here.