The Days Between Two Moons

Mr. Adam Freeland doesn’t need an introduction to these pages, really... but since you’ve asked for it, here we go: He feels as much at home in Brighton as he does in Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, London, Vienna, Nosara or on Bali, because in the end of the day it’s all about the people and the food and the vibe and the stories that unfold. And, yes, it´s actually about the weather as well. His long-lasting career as a pioneering DJ and producer basically saw him prominently playing the most effective festivals and clubs of this planet more than just once. His contribution to the “Back To Mine“ compilation series still is irritatingly relevant, even though it’s ten years old by now. He might be known best for setting dance floors on fire, but in actuality he’s pretty hard to pin down musically, as he’s equally as interested in drone and psych and krautrock and pop and electronica as he is in the evolution of the good ol’ four-to-the-floor. He feels a lot more comfortable on a surfboard than in a skatepark. He’s one-third of the state-of-the-art pop trio The Acid, whose album “Liminal“ easily was one of the most outstanding releases of last year. Oh, and he somehow found the time to deliver an outstanding mix to our “Monday Mixtape“ series.

With “The Days Between Two Moons“ Freeland throws us down that rabbit hole, where you just learn to love that feeling of seemingly free falling forever through a musical maelstrom that perfectly balances the old with the new, and the unexpected with future peaktime favorites. Enjoy the ride.



Yoshi Horikawa - Kingdom of Frogs
Weval - One - Kompakt
Pional - It's all over - John Talabot Refix
Riley Reinhold - Klaus - Patrice Bäumel remix 
The Acid - Clean  (edit)
Few Nolder - Clouds - Boso Version
Throwing Snow - Linguis VIP
Floating Points - Nuits Sonores
Fourtet - Love Cry
Hunter Game - Bermuda
Kiasmos - Thrown - Erased Tapes
Matthus Raman - Lithium - Aequivalenz
Antenna Happy - Pinto - Reinhart Records
Round - Glass
Jens-Uwe Beyer - Moewen
Nils Penner -  State of Mind - Freerange / Hot Chip- Flutes (sample)
Weval - Easier - Kompakt
La Femme Du Dimanche - Rogue Méchanic 
Global Communication - Maiden Voyage- Ripperton Edit/Original AF edit.


Image 1 by Richard Farmer / Image 2 by Anna Elledge