From Zero To Rave And Back

Between countless chats about music - from GDR electronic music to Mayhem, Rorschach, Born Against - , to appointments for some dinner, beers and/ or skate sessions, vacations and world travels, guest lists for Berghain, Renate and about:blank, cheap flats in Berlin - and how to get one, endless poke sessions and pure trash talk, we also had this idea of having him as a guest artist for our little Monday Mixtape series. Him, that’s Berlin’s very own Aera, known to me, family, friends and tax authorities as Ralf Schmidt. It took almost two years of above mentioned chats to get that thing going. He was travelling or even living abroad, working on releases for Maeve, Innervisions and reviving his own label, Aleph, with a new brilliant release, moving and getting a new studio, doing live sets and DJing, but finally, it’s there, here. And we’re delighted.

First idea we had for this little feature was to just print our chats, but that would even take longer to read than listen to this nearly three hours long mix (and, honestly, would be boring). We think it’s better to just go straight to the mix. Enjoy!







pics by Navina Khatib