"Is This All There Is?“

ARCYDARO is quite a new face and just recently began to go public, already making some fuss as his tracks instantly got played by the likes of Âme, Dixon, Gerd Janson, Jennifer Cardini and others. The Berlin based DJ and producer has been around for many years, shaping his sound in silence before putting out his first record in late 2019.

The self-titled and self-released debut "ARCYDARO 01“ was a rather ecstatic collection of tracks wich will be followed up very soon. In February „ARCYDARO 02“ will take a slightly different turn - into a darker and more aggressive sound - that will hit the streets on February 7th and is ready for pre-order today. The two releases will be put in place by a third one that will close off the trilogy later this year.

We thought we better snatch a piece of him with this mix before all others do. It's also a debut as being the first mix from ARCYDARO to be published on the internet. It was recorded in December 2019 and consists almost exclusively of music that came out in the recent months, reflecting the DJs’ take on contemporary club sound.



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