Summer's On Your Side

Thinking of Basso instantly brings images of the „Dust & Grooves“ book to my mind. Being aware of the fact that he’s collecting records since the beginning of the 80s and knowing most of his mixes and edits, I think it must either be that A) he’s sitting on myriads of stacks of vinyl in a huge Ikea-sized warehouse or B) he’s just keeping the most precious, most unknown, most rare, most sought after and most beautiful pearls on this planet (it still might fill an entire room then).

We don’t know. But what we know is that Basso’s mixes are always pure delight for anyone who’s interested in music never heard before. And we also know that Basso started Growing Bin Records out of his actual hometown Hamburg to finance his deep digging hobby. On the one hand it’s his online record store attracting the global rare material community („I don't sell anything that I wouldn't buy myself!“), on the other it’s his record label on which he’s releasing genrecrossing stuff he’s deeply into, he believes in, he wants to see released on vinyl. Growing Bin’s second one, the LP „Overworld“ by australian artist A.r.t. Wilson (file under „the New Age of New Age“) just hit the market and chances are high it will be another „Tip!“ by Tako and the Redlight Records posse, Lovefingers, Moonboots and the likes.

Besides that Basso is known for his superb edits that has been released on Moonboots’ Aficionado Records, Blackdisco and his own label - and some that he’s giving away for edit lovers for free on soundcloud. His statement „I like it when an edit doesn’t sound like an edit“ perfectly displays his approach in doing edits that (for me) play in the same quality league as Lexx, Mori-Ra, Edits Du Golem or some Jimi Bazzouka stuff. Again something we don’t know: how many edits there are in this monday mixtape Basso did for us (Probably none. At least you won’t hear it). There’s no playlist, just the hint that there’s music by A.r.t Wilson, Prinz Emanuel & Golden Ivy, Arsenii, Percy Faith, Peter Horton, DJ Food and Becky Sui Zhen in there.

Again something we know for sure: it’s most likely stuff you’ve never heard before. And it’s great.  Get your favorite drink, a cozy place on your balcony and drown with the sun. Enjoy!


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