"U Got The Goo"

Today’s contribution is a fabulous one by Bell Towers & Little, a London couple and the team behind the SLIME radio show on NTS and the master minds behind music consultancy Dolce.

Jeanette Olivia Little is a composer, soon premiering a new work for percussion at the Metropolis New Music Festival in Australia that will be backed by video artist Sasha Litvinstseva, while Bell Towers might be no stranger to the ones not being satisfied by just checking the beatport charts.

The Melbourne-born producer and DJ is an adventurous collector with one ear for the esoteric and one for the floor, skating across italo-disco, new wave, house and techno with delicate grace. Alongside Misha Hollenbach of P.A.M. he pieced together a series of essential, irreverent mixes and established cult Melbourne party, Bamboo Musik (R.I.P.), a bi-monthly basement jam fabled for its spaced out music policy and obsessively detailed themes that became somewhat of a HQ for Melbourne heads and party people alike.

Producing music as Bell Towers, his debut emerged on Canyons’ Hole In The Sky in 2011 and he’s since released original productions and edits on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal and on our Munich friend’s superb label Public Possession. As a producer Bell Towers dives deep, always retaining enough of a pop element to allow easy entry before mining the depths of early morning emotion through chugging machine rhythms, ethereal pads and cunning melody. Since the passing of Bamboo Musik in 2013, Bell Towers relocated to London to do his thing across the continent, including forthcoming remixes on Born Free and Ruff Records, and two releases on Public Possession including a new solo 12”.

Honestly, their monday mixtape contribution is pure bliss.


Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis
Protect-U - Dit Floss
Jonas Frederiksen - Meet Me Over The Fence
Doubling Riders - Artery Of The Sun
Maurice Ravel - Jeux D’eau High
John Cage - Automatic Writing 
Luger-ego - A Trader In Furs (Quiet Village rmx)
Cabaret Voltaire - Seconds Too Late
Deuter - Evening (quiet, romantic feelings, soft air)
Laurie Anderson - Freefall 
Shocks - White Mountain
Ministry - The Angel 
Dollkraut - Fire (Invisible Conga People rmx)
YMO - Light In Darkness
Andrea Noce - Hawaii Bombay 
John Hassel and Brian Eno - Delta Rain Dream
Meredith Monk - Travel Dream Song

For more info and updates on his releases and gigs check his facebook page.