monday mixtape: DaVak


DaVak, the alias of Jack Hatton, is a DJ/Producer from Leeds, UK and was based in Amsterdam working as an Audio Engineer until lockdown. He is one half of Inflect Records, a fresh new label combining old-school Disco with Acid and Techno in a concoction of abstract styles blended into the one 'Inflect Style'. You can hear his monthly residency on Melodic Distraction Radio showcasing his label and the music of Galaxies beyond our own.

Fascinated with music from a very young age, Davak was brought up on Rock, Pop and Disco but soon his love for electronic music was born with the help of rave culture and its history within such places as Manchester and clubs like Hacienda during the late 80s. Davak attended festivals and club nights from a young age and from that day he knew that music was his passion.

His last year’s mini-LP showcased the progression of Acid music through time, as he is passionate about Acid music, hardware and obscure sound design. Now he is focused on the label and expressing a unique blend of electronica. Inflect promises to be a rising force in the Indie dance scene, a scene that is blossoming into a dominant style in electronic music for the future.


“The list’ning winds receive’d this song

‘What should we do but sing his praise

That led us through the wat’ry maze” 

[Andrew Marvell, ‘Bermudas’]

„The title of the mix is ‘Nostos’- Nostos being the Ancient Greek word (νόστος) for ‘journey.’ It was ordinarily used in epic literature to evoke a return home from the sea. I intend this mix to evoke my own musical journey through differing tempos/ genres and techniques and invite the listener to travel with me through the peaks and troughs of the waves of my rhythmical odyssey.“ 


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