monday mixtape: Disrute

Snazzy Songs For The Risqué Mower...

If you’re into a somewhat darker slowed down dance floor sound approached by the anchor points of EBM, wave, post-punk and a pinch of disco and the obscure, Power Station (and its sub label Power Cuts), run by Kris Baha out of Melbourne should have made it onto your map of blind buy material. So its newest release "Reflexivity" by Melbourne producer and DJ Lochlan Denholm a.k.a. Disrute, that trenchantly got described as "a syrupy slab of pulsating machine funk" and even though you should know this youngster since his übertune "Kabu" (featured in Malka Tuti’s amazing mix they’ve done for us a while ago), Reflexivity is really a strong opening statement. "Deep, dark, eternal. Disrute will open a chasm in your brain and fill it with the sounds of glaciers and volcanoes shifting imperceptibly through the endless sands of time." Turns out he also knows his way around the booth too, so we made him sign a little adhesive contract to select and mix it up for us. He did. 

"It’s a collection of the music that I have been thoroughly enjoying over the flippant summer of Australia. There are some brand spankin’ new hits from a few labels close to my heart, and the rest is history."

We love it, Lochie!



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