monday mixtape: dj kaos

never ending disco


And Lodown present the infamous

DJ KAOS once again with an even more astonishing Disco Mix.

Check this nice little interview at ransomnote.




• I can Feel him in the Morning (Grand funk railroad)

• Unknown 

• Gloria (David Keaton)

• Unknown 

• I can Feel him in the Morning (Grand  Funk Railroad)

• Unknown 

• Kultra (Kultra 2)

• Barah (Clevage)

• Unknown 

• Dis GO dis Way dis GO dat Way (Mothers Finest)

• Gonna make it (back in Time)

• Unknown 

• African blood (Supermax)

• Unknown 

• It's Broken (Kaos edit)

• Weekend (phreek)

• Unknown 

• High on tech (Roboterwerke)