smoke signals from there to here

Dreems is half the combined brain of the Multi Culti movement started with life partner Von Party. He released his 'In Dreems' album last year which epitomised the sound of the label covering soundscapes from far and wide that spoke of his personal experiences as a global wanderer. Today he continues his practises in Australia manning the sun-dial in the Southern Hemisphere for the artistic development wing by basking naked for 2 hours every day tending to his garden of secret herbs. 

„I am influenced by the sun, the moon, my friends, my family, and artists of all shapes and sizes. This is music for a dancefloor where all of these elements can come together and rotate ’til the wheels fall off. It's sunset to sunrise compressed into an hour and a half. It's the sound of me losing control and realising that it is the only way to gain control again.“ True, true.

His latest output „Sine ’O’ The Tymes“ is released on Multi Culti today. Go, have a listen here and get your copy. Now, take the trip with him and enjoy the ride!



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