Monday Mixtape: FAERBER

broken dreamsss

We rarely get Monday Mixtape contributions that completely take the breakbeat path, but after receiving Faerber’s mix last week starting off with some Hip Hop we soon found ourselves amidst a nineties drum’n’bass throw back without even noticing it. Getting there within just a couple of minutes - and: without getting on one’s nerves - is not an easy task. So, if you’re keen on listening to a one of a kind guest mix and relish the sound of a broken drum (office friendly), this one’s for you!

Faerber is a booker and resident DJ at PAL in Hamburg, who recently announced the launch of their own imprint - TILT. As a direct result of the G20 summit, PAL have had a difficult year, with increased police presence outside the club threatening their livelihood. Ongoing heavy police presence outside its front doors resulted in a lack of visitors; so much so that the future of the venue became uncertain. Despite a series of obstacles linked to the highly controversial political summit, PAL continued to throw parties, eventually reaching a point of stability through sheer dedication and a focus on experimental bookings. Faerber’s EP „070717“ is the soundtrack to resistance against all odds. By the way: it’s straight techno.



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