MONDAY MIXTAPE: fenna fiction

a certain memory

Whether it’s a scrap of paper or a song on a psybient compilation CD from the late 90s, visual artist and DJ Fenna Fiction finds beauty in neglected material. Starting from a young age, she has been collecting spurned museum library books and art magazines, never knowing what use these old materials could have. Fenna configures and juxtaposes these images, resulting in traditional collage where old and new imagery combine to create visual tension, as well as more digital, psychedelic collage with dreamlike images and surreal constellations.

As a DJ, her approach to music is quite similar as to her visual work. Joining Fenna Fiction on the dance floor means experiencing the constant shifts and developments of her relationship towards music and the world around her. Hypnotic and rhythmic, invoking altered states, her sets invite patience and deep listening rather than offering immediate gratification. For Lodown Magazine she made a mix which you can listen to while working, sleeping, snoozing, daydreaming or tripping.



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