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Prolific musician, Darkthrone main man, and Lodown fellow Gylve Fenris Nagell - better known in the music community as Fenriz - is for the greater part renowned for his involvement in a wide array of bands, solo efforts, and side projects spanning a whole variety of musical genres. He's also famous for his obsessiveness about music listening and has a strong affinity for making supremely excellent compilation mixtures and mixes. Today, we’re more than happy to reveal his entry to our ardently loved Monday Mixtape section, for which he joined forces with his lovely wife Marte for an eclectic journey par excellence. Here's the man in his own words:


Marte & Fenriz does another podcast, and this time we initially wanted it do be way more 'psychedelic' than the previous two, which was more or less bathed in 60s and 70s various sly rock and grooves with touches of ancient country and old time string music. But who are we to fool any or ourselves; also this little pod is seeping with old time rock 'n country but - I believe - SERIOUSLY tilted. 

HOW AND ON WHAT EQUIPMENT? Primitive mixer from the 90s and as usual NO POSSIBILITY of doing any 'post production/edits'. This means we had to collaborate beforehand and choose tracks and go over track order and transitions to make it flow the 'best' possible way.

Not much tongue in cheeck though, for all it's worth we're pretty serious about our tracks and we mostly play back to back. I got the 2 first tracks going and then Marte trails off with wonderful ULTIMATE SPINACH and up to THE VISITORS tracks it's been BACK TO BACK track presentation. Then Marte has two tracks in a row (The Byrds Space Odyssey AND Elec pt. 1, and then it's me with the eerie (always eerie when you play something SATANIC after pure christian vibes) CATHEDRAL QUARTET track before Marte finishes off with the devastating TORMENTOR from Hungary as the final. 

Thank you so much for listening.

Marte and Gylve



1. Hornorkesteret - Elegi for Roald Amundsen (NOR 2011)
2. Holden - Blackpool Late Eighties (UK 2013)
3. Ultimate Spinach - Ego Trip (US 1968)
4.The Treetops - Gypsy (UK 1973)
5. The Byrds - Dolphin's Smile (US 1968)
6. Steve Hillage - The Salmon Song (UK 1975)
7. Jim Dandy and the Sugar Beats - From Dust To Dust (US 1972)
8. Kraftwerk - Antenna (GER 1975)
9. Bloodrock - Melvin Laid An Egg (US 1970)
10. The Visitors - Le Retours Des Dieux (FRA 1974)
11. The Byrds - Space Odyssey (US 1968)
12. Elec Pt.1 - Waiting For Armageddon (GER 2011)
13. The Cathedral Quartet - The Touch of the  Master's hand (US '70)
14. Tormentor - Trance (cassette, Hungary 1989)