MONDAY MIXTAPE: Findanothername

eClectic bLends

While being on vacation on a wonderful island in the Aegean Sea I thought it’s time for some greek contribution again. Some smoke signals later here it is - a wonderful selection by Pana Gazis aka Findanothername, originally from Lefkada Island where he started DJing ages ago, in 1986 to be exact. He played at local bars and clubs and later moved to Athens in 89 for studying music. He’s hosted numerous radio shows, such as „eClectic bLends“ on Oasis Radio Japan and was a regular on SSRadio Lounge & Chill with the „Downtwon Dreams“ show as well as „The Loft“ on Chill Channel.

Sice 2016 he selects music on the Downtempo Stream on Whiteradio and is involved in the Palm Beats blog.

With a good bunch of guest mix contributions for Balearic Social/ Purple Radio, Boxfrequency, One Million Sunsets, Balearic Ultras, Strange Days and others he’s shown that he’s just the right pick to enlighten a cold december’s start off.





1.Voodoo Jammin' (Eros mix) by Dancing Fantasy 

2.La Luna y el Lobo (Jhon Montoya Expedition) by Matanza ∞ Oceanvs Orientalis

3.Geilomant by SIRIUSMO 

4.Beatin' Tha Breaks (Freddie Joachim Remix) by Magic In Threes


6.Zweiklang by Claudia Hunt

7.Over The Hill by M RUX 

8.Agua Viva by IZEM 

9.Bitter Sweet (2lani The Warrior Dub) by King P, Bright Breeze, Carren

10.Sister Midnight (Finitribe remix) by PERMANENT WAVE

11.Oceanic Dub by GO SATTA

12.Poouli (Private Agenda Sunrise remix) by DANIELE BALDELLI

13.MAss Profundo by BRUXAS

14.Coming In by LIZARDS

15.Tout Petit La Planète (Okay Edit) by Plastic Bertrand 

16.Tyrkisk Pepper (Dolle Jolle remix) by BLACKBELT ANDERSEN

17.Amabeha (David Hasert remix) by OBERST & BUCHNER

18.Shades by Lord Julien

19.Ha hiszel bennem fiú (BéTé Re-Edit) by Kovács Kati