MONDAY MIXTAPE: Frinda di Lanco

"Let's Get Away From It All"

Escaped from the gardens of eastern german Kleinbürgertum this paradise bird found a nest in Berlin to accumulate a decent collection of psych-infused afro-italian-balearic-AOR-library-boogie spiced up with some french cosmic synths and german weirdo lyrics, crossing the borders to wave, new beat and proto-house territories every now and then. Frinda runs a monthly night at Café Wendel to give her latest flea market digs a spin, is one half of Frinda & Jochen and part of the Warning Berlin Crew. In her sets she combines the obscure and the powerful, the ironic and the iconic and takes you on a mind-bending journey through styles and times, earning her gigs not only around the Berlin area clubs and festivals, but also in China and Japan and just lately at Primavera Sound Barcelona. Rumors say her older sister owns some serious soul and funk 45s, but isn't even able to pass the 120 bpm line in her sets.

For us she delivered a leichtes Sommerhemdchen in a typical Frinda manner that she decribes as following:

„Funny how at some point you find back to your roots. I started collecting soul, jazz, funk and brasilian records years ago back in Weimar where I studied. Since then there isn't much I haven't collected. For this Lodown mix we agreed on something smooth that fits for the summer. When I recorded it I just came back from a tour in Asia where I bought quite some nice japanese soul and jazz records, that filled the gap of a few folky, dreamy downtempo tunes that have been sitting on the shelf waiting to become a mix for some months (years?) already. And of course I had to sneak in a few italian gems (otherwise I wouldn't be Frinda di Lanco). My approach was very loose and I started recording without really knowing where I would end up. I just played track by track and grabbed the next one intuitivley by the mood it would spread. After trying to mix the last three psychedelic prog/ AOR seven-inches for at least ten times, I decided that this would be the end simply ignoring the rest of the records that I had put out. They will go back on the shelf and wait for the next opportunity.“  

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