"one dog, two ears"

"Mysterious Braguette d'Or. Converts Sunlight to Body Energy", it says about Giraffi Dog on Discogs. Too much information? Ok, well… Giraffi Dog is Max Weber from Berlin, part of the infamous Doom Chakra Tapes posse, a label run by his old friend DJ Deflektorschild, and home of his debut album „L’Existence dû Rève“. Max declares Giraffi Dog as his „attempt to do some modern form of Breakdance, influenced by my musical education“, of which he says „Man Parrish, Underworld, Brian Eno, Ed Rush and Optical and Joey Beltram“ are definetly on the list. „Though I love Popmusic, everything sounds a little pop too.“, he adds.

For Live and DJ shows around Europe he teams up with Max Heesen aka DJ Hummer forming the Giraffi Dog live duo.

After a bunch on Doom Chakra Tapes and one on Aiwo Rec. his newest release is out on Warning (featured as last track on this mix). Go, grab it here.



about the mix and tracklist: 

This is a Mix of the music of my friends ADELHEID X and RVDS representing the Doom Chakra Family, 

by funky people from the now like CREDIT 00 and THEO PARRISH, 

by my hero Joey Beltram & Mike Munoz aka LOST ENTITY,  

by the classic stuff I’m into like SUNRISE SOCIETY, THE ARC, A CERTAIN RATIO. 

There is the JONZUN CREW in there too, doing the Electrobeat with a real drummer. 

Then there is BRIAN ENO, i always wish his vision of Popmusic to rule the charts. 

The Introduction is JORGE REYES, and the voice on top is KRS ONE. 

There is this amazing Track of GUS GUS in this mix. 

The last track is the new GIRAFFI DOG, it's kind of the consequence of all the influence before. Have Fun listening!