"That’s Heaven To Me"

If it was the year 1975, Berlin-based jack-of-all-trades Jonathan Schneider would probably be running his own multi-functional joint in some mid-sized, counter-culturally informed West-German city – stacked up with delicious vinyl records on sale, a bar, a café area, and probably a decent-sized live music venue attached to it for good measure.. But now that it’s already 2015, and the dude was only born in 1984 near the Dutch border, he’s onto some other shit: Pretty much the don of die-hard coffee culture, he’s about to depart on a 10-day trip to Honduras to ditch gangsta knifes and track down some top-notch beans for Berliners and others to enjoy – he’s been in cahoots with Bonanza Coffee Heroes for a few years –, but he’s also doing music on the side (though his former band Jonathan & The Jonathans has been defunct for a while), recording DIY-style on a cheap-ass, beaten-up Tascam 4-track, and digging out folk, singer/songwriter, gospel, and other retro-tinged classics (think Aquarium Drunkard) whenever he finds the time (make no mistake: dude’s also a father to a whole bunch of kinky-haired girls).

For our latest installment of the Monday Mixtape, he sonically traveled all the way back to some cotton-picking era, delivering the kind of blessed, exalted styles most people nowadays probably don’t listen to on the daily: here’s the gospel according to our mate Jonathan…



1    Gospel Baptist Church Youth Choir "Try Me One More Time"
2    The Soul Stirrers "That’s Heaven To Me"
3    Andrew Wartts And The Gospel Storytellers "A Man Called Jesus"
4    Pastor T.L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir "Like A Ship Without A Sail"
5    Sam Cooke With The Soul Stirrers "Any Day Now"
6    Sister Wynona Carr "I'm A Pilgrim Traveller"
7    The Blind Boys Of Alabama "Too Close To Heaven"
8    Sam Cooke "Nobody Knows The Trouble That I’ve Seen"
9    R. H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders "Born Again"
10  Clefs Of Calvary "Save Me"
11  The Soul Stirrers "Let’s Go Back To God"
12  Clarence Fountain And The Blind Boys Of Alabama "I Can See Everybody’s Mother"
13  The Jubilee Hummingbirds "Give Me Just One More Chance"
14  Andrew Wartts And The Gospel Storytellers "There’s A God Somewhere"
15  The Supreme Jubilees "It’ll be Over"
16  The Soul Stirrers "One More River"
17  The Chosen Gospel Singers "Family Prayer"
18  Sam Cooke "That’s Heaven To Me"