tapes from the crypt

Coming from the Mexican capital, Diego Alvarado aka Juarés has been blending the electronic sounds of his home in Berlin with those of his old one, mixing electronic grooves with world influences, fishing in obscure territories of strange synths and trippy drums, ending in a mesmerizing wild dance vortex.

For our Monday Mixtape section, he delivered a dark and hypnotic journey with spooky tunes below 100bpm. Enjoy!


01. Siaubas - Briusly

02. Ground - Logos

03. The Pilotwings - Une Nuit Au Boxboys

04. Garland - Sepses

05. Der Kundalini - And We Begin

06. Cosmo Vitelli - El Si Señor

07. Dreems - Mirages (Valentin Stip Remix)

08. Andi Otto - The Taste Of Bamboo (R VIncenzo Remix)

09. Melly - Mask Shop

10. Annanan & Maron - I Am

11. Applegate Mechanism - Clip

12. Italo Brutalo - Never Hard (Rigopolar Remix)

13. Zone I - INTRZN

14. Poison Arrow - If You Don't Love Me (I'll Cut Your Face)





Cover artwork by Nuša Hernavs